Bill Lloyd’s Credit Card Experience

We all know that Bill Lloyd is a famous and well-known Music artist with lots of money and fame. But recently, there was a news that rumored about credit card company involving Bill’s manager and the said credit card company.

The issue was that Bill has an outstanding $10000.00 balance to his credit card. Maybe you are asking why this thing happened right? There are no proofs and evidence that will said that he has a debt.

They are rumors. And rumors are just both true or lie. But in our case here at the Bill Lloyd Music, all those allegations and rumors are fake!

This is why it’s hard to get a Credit card. They will lead us to debt! And for  some tips to our readers and followers about credit cards, maybe you can read about the microstore financement article. It is an article that explains all about business, finance and credit.

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Printer Cartridges: An exciting new group!

For most of us, the term printer cartridges refers to just one thing (follow the link to see what we’re talking about) – those expensive little ink-filled contraptions that allow your house-hold printers to do their job, right? Well soon those words will take on a new meaning, as the title for one of Australia’s most exciting new bands.

Formerly known as the ink toners (you may have heard of them), the printer cartridges decided to change their name after after a law suit was filed aginst them by Ink, an online cartridge seller and printer retailer based in Sydney. Rather than deal with the stress of a long and drawn-out court case, the boys from Melboure “just wanted to chill out and play some tunes”, so they agreed to simply change their name.

The name change seems to have worked wonders. Now the Printer Cartridges are being hailed as one of Australias most highly anticipated new groups of 2010. Having just finished off a nation-wide tour, the foursome are now preparing to begin work on their debut album, ‘I ink, therefore I am”, which promises to be an instant classic.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to see these boys in action, and you’re in Melbourne over the next few weeks, I suggest you check out the Golden Pinstripe bar for details of their upcoming gigs. This truly is an act not to be missed!

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Obligations to Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers are approached for business negotiation concerns. It is their responsibility to make sure that the business will not contradict any state law. They may also draft certain business documents. Having said all these, it is safe to say that they must always be updated with the various resolutions that might be applicable to the business of their clients.

Getting corporate lawyers for your business is not a one-sided deal. Just as your corporate lawyers have obligations, so do you. Here are some things that you need to remember to make your client-lawyer relationship go smoothly.

Cooperation is a major factor in client-lawyer relationships. It goes without saying that your corporate lawyers need your prompt response for matters that they might like to discuss. It is also important to clear your schedule for any appointments with your lawyers. This is, especially, true if you need to attend any legal proceedings.

Honesty and truthfulness go a long way. It is a must that you be honest with your corporate lawyers at all times. How can you expect your lawyers to craft the best possible business deals if the details he has are based on lies?

Lastly, do remember to pay your corporate lawyers’ fees on time. You would not want to be left behind by your lawyers, would you?

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Music Server Backup

Server Backup

If you want to backup large network, for example, all computers in your office network you will surely realize that it’s not an efficient method to ask every employee to perform regular backups separately from others, even with the use of special backup software. It’s much easier and more secure to make one person responsible for the whole backup process in the office. This can be done with the use of Server Backup Software, which will be described in this article.

Server Backup Software allows to set up, run and control backups on all workstations of the network from one central backup server by only one person. Thus, enterprise backup software doesn’t let any backup be forgotten and doesn’t intervene the work of your employees. The only thing needed is to install server part of the program to the backup server and to install workstation version on every backed up machine.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Song

The wedding song is one of the most important part of a wedding along with the wedding gowns, wedding invitations and some others.

Here are some tips on choosing the right wedding song.

Wedding songs are one of the most unforgettable part of the occasion for most of the grooms and brides. The song of the first dance is usually the one that stands out.

If you need some ideas for romantic wedding songs, here’s a list of ideas that reflect a wide range of tastes, where you can pick some that suit you best.

Love Songs (Classic). These songs are the sweet, special songs that most of the guests will probably know. They have that first dance wedding feel.

  • Aerosmith– I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
  • The Bangles– Eternal Flame
  • The Beatles– And I Love Her
  • Tony Bennett– The Way You Look Tonight
  • Bon Jovi– I’ll Be There for You
  • Toni Braxton– Breathe Again
  • Belinda Carlyle– Circles in the Sand
  • Chicago– You’re the Inspiration
  • Celine Dion– The Power of Love
  • Nat King Cole– When I Fall in Love
  • Gloria Estefan– Live for Loving You
  • Peter Gabriel– In Your Eyes
  • Faith Hill– Breathe
  • Foreigner– Waiting for a Girl Like You
  • Etta James– At Last
  • Elton John– Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
  • Elton John– Your Song
  • Michael Penn– No Myth
  • The Police– Every Breath You Take
  • Elvis Presley– I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
  • Elvis Presley– My Wish Came True
  • REO Speedwagon– Can’t Fight This Feeling
  • Lionel Richie– Hello
  • Lionel Richie– Truly
  • Seal– Kiss From a Rose
  • Simon and Garfunkel– Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  • Percy Sledge– When a Man Loves a Woman
  • Rod Stewart– Have I Told You Lately?
  • U2– All I Want is You
  • Shania Twain– From This Moment On
  • Shania Twain– Forever and For Always
  • Luther Vandross– Always and Forever
  • Stevie Wonder– I Just Called to Say I Love You
  • Trisha Yearwood- How Do I Live

Love Songs (Popular ). These are songs that are more contemporary and have been on the charts for the last few years.

  • Aaliyah– One in a Million
  • Ashanti– Only U
  • Natasha Beddingfield– These Words
  • Beyonce– Crazy in Love
  • Mariah Carey– We Belong Together
  • Vanessa Carlton– A Thousand Miles
  • Kelly Clarkson– A Moment Like This
  • Coldplay– Yellow
  • Nelly Furtado– Childhood Dreams
  • Hoobastank– The Reason
  • Lil’ Romeo– My Cinderella
  • No Doubt– Underneath it All
  • Oasis– Wonderwall
  • Ja Rule– Put it On Me
  • Usher– U Got it Bad
  • Usher and Alisha Keys– My Boo
Need some ideas for romantic wedding songs? Here’s a list of ideas that reflect a wide range of tastes, so pick a few that suit you best.

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Welcome to Bill Lloyd Music

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I forgot to mention that before music, Bill Lloyd is a Sales Jobs Recruiter.  He used to work with that before going to Music.

I know it’s been awhile so I’ll try and hit the high points and try to keep my ramblings at a minimum. It’s been what..uh..about seven months since I posted anything here. I’ve been a procrastinator when it comes to me writing about me. Thanks to those who emailed and missed the updates. The continued interest and support is truly appreciated.

If you were to scroll down to the last entry here, it was August of 2007 and I had just gotten to play as a sideman guitarist with Cheap Trick at the Hollywood Bowl doing The Beatles Sgt. Pepper. Well, it happened again in December of ‘07 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Cheap Trick revisited Sgt. Pepper with some of the same guest singers (Joan Osborne , Rob Laufer and Ian Ball from Gomez) and, fortunately, the same sidemen (Danny Louis from Govt. Mule and myself). It felt like a more relaxed replay of the Bowl gig with a reunion-like atmosphere. Even famed fab engineer and producer, Geoff Emerick, was on hand to mix. Cheap Trick will be back at the Hollywood Bowl at the end of June 2008 and I’m scheduled to join them once again. If you go to the trouble of LEARNING a whole album you MUST go play it occasionally.

Which is also the case with The Long Players. We’ve had pretty much nothing BUT incredibly fun shows here in Nashville over the last four years. We take a classic album and play it in it’s entirety from front to back with the vocals performed by guest singer from the amazing talent pool this town has to offer. We always donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity and it’s been a great way to honor “the album” as an art form as well as showcasing our community of artists willing to be in a high-concept cover band for a night. It’s truly a blast.

Let’s see.. looking back at 2007.. there was Derek and the Domnos’ Layla then Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.. then Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours…then Led Zeppelin IV at the end of the year. We JUST did the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers a couple of weeks back. There’ a whole list of these shows, the performers, the dates we did them and some photos at the LONG PLAYERS link. Please take a second and click it and you can see what’s it’s all about. Here is, also another link to the NPR story they did on us in late 2006 that is still available:

The guest artists over the last few years have been stellar. We’ve had world class singers like Wet Willie’s Jimmy Hall and world class guitarists like King Crimson’s Adrian Belew. From country chanteuse Suzy Bogguss to Dez Dickerson from Prince’s Revolution, it’s a real cross section of our community. We’ve done Dylan albums with Al Kooper and Charlie McCoy and Stones records with Bobby Keys. It’s so amazing to look over your shoulder and see the guy who played on the original record. I’d like to proudly add that our band has pulled it all off with skill and heart. It’s a love thing. What started off as notion for some fun has turned into a real musical event every few months.

For me it’s great to reconnect with old friends and bandmates like John Cowan or Radney Foster and getting them to play covers for a night. Tom Peterson from Cheap Trick joined us for our Fleetwood Mac encore when we were doing the Peter Green era stuff.

I’ve also met some tremendously talented young artists through putting these shows together as well. Our next public performance, not including private engagements will be May 24th, 2008 doing Paul McCartney and Wings Band On the Run album. Please check here or on my My Space page for an update.

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